“Escape from Germany,” is the true recounting of a miraculous yet unsung WWII event, releasing in theaters April, 2024. Hitler's army was rapidly closing borders in August of 1939 while eighty-five American missionaries were serving their church inside Germany. As the German military preparations escalated, word came to speedily move those LDS missionaries to safety in adjacent countries. Taken from the personal diaries of those missionaries, this riveting story is a testimony that God truly leads and protects His servants, opens doors, and provides timely inspiration. The harrowing escape of these missionaries from Nazi Germany as World War II started is one of the most remarkable but little-known events in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Picture of TC Christensen
T.C. Christensen is an American cinematographer, film director, and writer best known for his work on IMAX films and true, historical movies including 17 Miracles, Ephraim's Rescue, The Fighting Preacher and The Cokeville Miracle. Christensen is also a member of the American Society of Cinematographers. Christensen lives with his wife Katy where he continues to be schooled in the fine arts of putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher and closing drawers all the way.



Picture of Landon Henneman as Elder Barnes

Landon Henneman

Elder Barnes

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Landon grew up with an instant connection to the arts. Film in particular which led to many movies, and skateboarding videos in his younger years. Too young to understand why his films couldn’t look as good as Lord of the Rings he took a brief moment pursuing other professions following a religious mission but quickly came right back with an intense focus on acting. With that art form in the forefront he’s also found a love in recent years for writing music, scripts, directing music videos and occasionally drawing or painting.

Picture of Sebastian Barr as Elder Anderson

Sebastian Barr

Elder Anderson

Sebastian began acting at age nine, when his first role put him front, center, and solo in an international commercial promoting optimism. Since then, he’s found himself unavoidably intertwined with the arts and media. After years in front of the camera, Sebastian chose to also pursue a career behind the scenes, receiving his bachelors’ degree in Digital Cinema from UVU and working as a video editor, director, writer, and YouTube specialist. When not making movies, he can be found performing and recording in Shrink The Giant, an alternative rock band with his siblings and band mates. 

Picture of Henning Fischer

Henning Fischer


Henning was born and raised in Germany and while some actors are inspired by celebrities or childhood fantasies, it was the more tangible subjects of mathematics and international business that helped him to uncover a passion for the arts.  His global journey, has taken him from studies in Berlin, New York and Los Angeles to world travel across three continents. 

Specializing in dramatic interpretations of dark characters, Henning delights in sinking his teeth into psychologically-challenging roles. 

He has appeared on acclaimed TV shows like FRINGE and CASTLE as well as various independent films. 

You have heard his voice in videogames such as Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond; Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold; Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. 

Henning is fluent in German and is happy to volunteer his time for a good cause. 

In his free time, he enjoys photography and the great outdoors.

Picture of Paul Wuthrich

Paul Wuthrich

Elder Seibold

Paul Wuthrich is a Utah based actor. After years spent working full time behind and in front of the camera, he has pivoted into a commercial real estate career. With an emphasis on retail and industrial acquisition, development and management, he still maintains a love for acting and the sharing of inspiring stories.  He has appeared in all four of T..C. Christensen’s last films.

David McConnell

President Wood

David Shawn McConnell is an actor, writer, and producer. He began his acting career in middle school where he took his first theater class and immediately fell in love with the art. He signed with his first agent in high school and booked his first role in a feature film the summer of his senior year. Since then he has had the opportunity to star and co-star in dozens of movies and television shows. Escape From Germany marks his fourth project with T.C. Christensen. He currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with his beautiful wife and two amazing kids.

Picture of Scarlett Hazen

Scarlett Hazen

Carol Wood

Scarlett Hazen started her acting career at the tender age of 4 when she played a little orphan in a stage production of Oliver. When she turned 5, she decided she wanted to try film and was lucky enough to get the role of young Kennedy in TC Christensen’s film Love, Kennedy. Since then, she has had the opportunity to act in all types of genres and enjoys them all. She is also passionate about All-Star Cheer, where she enjoys flying and competing with her teammates. In her spare time, she likes playing games with her 3 brothers, attending church activities, and traveling with her family.  

Deveney Reber

Erma Rosenhan

Deveney Reber is a Los Angeles-born, European-raised film-lover, currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Deveney’s dad, a Clio Award-winning director, raised her to appreciate cinema from a young age. “Escape From Germany” is Deveney’s debut performance. She speaks fluent German and even wrote a paper in college about the missionaries in 1930s Germany before auditioning for the role. Deveney is passionate about international affairs and currently works for the state of Utah.

Picture of Whitney Palmer as Evelyn Wood

Whitney Palmer

Evelyn Wood

Born in Austin, TX to parents from New Zealand and England, Whitney is an actor who loves discovering new perspectives and exploring the depth of emotion. Many of her characters are strong women in heavy dramas, and she believes that love is the heartbeat of every story, even the grittiest ones. 

Whitney is most recognized for her work on Season Two of Yellowstone, “Quarantine For Two,” which featured Whitney as a lead actor and her original music, and she recently wrapped a supporting role in Kevin Costner’s new feature film, “Horizon.”  

When not on set, her days and nights (like a true night-owl artist) are filled with photography, songwriting, rock climbing, swing dancing, and always skipping the small talk to share life stories with friends and strangers.





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